Couples Therapy

Every couple experiences conflict, but there is a possibility to shift conflicts and issues into an opportunity for greater intimacy with your partner and a chance to learn about yourself. Many couples over time fall into a patterned way of reacting to each other from unconscious roles where neither partner feels satisfied or has a sense of feeling met.


Commitment and willingness to become real with yourself, curious and vulnerable about your own behaviors, patterns, old hurts, and childhood experiences can bring about positive change in your relationship. In the safety and containment of psychotherapy you can explore new ways of relating, communicating, and sharing thoughts and feelings. This can help bring about a deeper sense of passion and commitment to your partner. Psychotherapy is a big first step on the path of transforming painful patterns into co-created partnership.


Couples seek counseling for various reasons. Here are a few:

  • Loss of intimacy
  • Sexual issues
  • Life transitions, new baby, engagement
  • Conflicts around money, chores, priorities, etc.
  • Communication difficulties


Every person and every couple is complex and different. I work collaboratively with couples as we discover together the path to renewed relationship commitment and joy. I help couples reconnect to their full potential as I draw on Gestalt therapy, mindfulness practices, and attachment theory—psychological practices that provide deep insight into relationships. The attachment lens roots me in a belief that couple’s interactions are based on early childhood bonds, and those inform our partner choice as well as our behavior in a relationship.


A committed relationship becomes more than just two people agreeing to be together. It can become a dynamic dance between two individuals who are willing to grow and learn, healing both their individual patterns and their relationship dynamics to create a new possibility between them.


If you are curious about exploring couples therapy and with it a new way forward, I invite you to contact me at your convenience. I work with couples of various and diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.
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