Individual Therapy

The reason for seeking psychotherapy are as numerous as the people who seek it. Clients often come to therapy feeling anxious, frustrated, depressed, or hungry for change. Many feel stuck in their life, job, or relationship(s). Others are struggling with life transitions or finding it difficult to live with uncertainty. In my experience, therapy can be a gift you give yourself—a safe place to look at difficult issues.

As a relational therapist I offer you a safe space to explore your relationship to yourself and others so that you can live a more fulfilled life. Through gentle, present, authentic, honest, playful, and loving experience, growth and change can take place. In our sessions together we will go beyond traditional talk therapy to create insights into yourself and the possibility for change. We do this by examining relationship patterns and through your experiencing yourself as a whole person. In psychology, my approach is called somatic, experiential, and attachment-theory-based.


I support clients to:

  • Become aware of old relationship patterns and how they influence current relationships
  • Manage stress and anxiety for a more balanced life
  • Work through depression, feelings of loneliness and emptiness, and a lack of motivation to increase meaning and vitality
  • Feel more connected and have better communication in an intimate relationship
  • Recognize different parts of themselves, integrate parts, and genuinely accept themselves as a whole person
  • Get in touch with feelings and how to express them in an empowered way
  • Discover how habitual thinking and acting can be changed to create more authentic experiences
  • Heal from grief, loss, and childhood abuse


If you have any questions or are curious about therapy, I invite you at your convenience to contact me to find out if my style, personality, presence, and therapy orientation work for you.