I am passionate about supporting people to live the fulfilled life they want, thrive in their job and career, and savor authentic relationships.



The reason for seeking psychotherapy are as numerous as the people who seek it. Clients often come to therapy feeling anxious, frustrated, depressed, or hungry for change. Many feel stuck in their life, job, or relationship(s). Others are struggling with life transitions or finding it difficult to live with uncertainty. In my experience, therapy can be a gift you give yourself—a safe place to look at difficult issues.



Every couple experiences conflict, but there is a possibility to shift conflicts and issues into an opportunity for greater intimacy with your partner and a chance to learn about yourself. Many couples over time fall into a patterned way of reacting to each other from unconscious roles where neither partner feels satisfied or has a sense of feeling met.

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The power of psychotherapy is activated when a person is witnessed in a non-judgmental way. In the safety of the therapy room you can explore different parts of yourself, old patterns, and beliefs. You can express fears, hurt, and emotions, and learn new ways of living a fulfilled life. Imagine being witnessed by a group of people who are experiencing similar feelings, thoughts, emotions, and struggles.



About Daniela

Your therapy will be unique to your needs. I see psychotherapy working by addressing the emotional/behavioral patterns and relationship styles we learn in childhood that sometimes do not work in adulthood. I meet my clients in their personal experience with compassion, and I guide them in an inquiry into their issues, sometimes challenging them with different perspectives or with goals that will help them push past their experience of feeling stuck.


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